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What is QCF

QCF is an approved method of course assessment. It covers the means of maintaining quality (see TAQA).  QCF courses also include qualifications that were known as NVQ’s.

Take a look at TAQA if you are interested in quality assurance.

Our QCF Courses

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

Level 2.  Covers the physical and emotional aspects of safeguarding vulnerable adults. Including duty of care, signs of abuse and action to take of suspected abuse.

Level 3. Trains the managers and team leaders responsible for those who protect vulnerable adults.

Food Hygiene

Developed by the CIEH. This course suits all employees working with food. This includes the production, preparation, cooking, serving storing or distribution of food.

Equalities and Diversity

Ask the question ‘What is Equality and Diversity’ and you will get a variety of answers.

This course cuts through those myths and fears. Leaving the student with a clear understanding of the subject. Giving the ability and confidence to address these issues,

Values and Attitudes

How we react to any situation comes from our personal attitude and biases.  This course looks at these to help people think positively and constructively.

Appraisal and Supervision Training

This explains the process of supervision and appraisal. Making clearer the good HR practice and how this relates to the Care Standards Act 2000.

Providing managers, supervisors and staff the skills to undertake supervision and appraisal work.

Mental Health Awareness

This course provides an overview of mental health and mental illness.

Course delegates learn the skills needed to manage clients suffering from mental distress.

The course accomplishes this by increasing the delegates understanding of mental health. Training is also given for dealing with clients in difficult situations. To achieve the best possible outcome for people experiencing mental health issues.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

This training is for professionals and community members. Making it possible to work with those affected by substance abuse.

We tailor this course to meet the needs of the attendees. So that it matches the demands of their roles.